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We present Summarizer 5.0 with new document processing functionality and other modifications.

EffectiveSoft released the latest version of Intellexer Summarizer, significantly upgraded. Among the new features are:

  1. A cardinally new approach in PDF document processing using the proprietary technologies has been developed. PDF document processing, application stability, and quality of the extracted information have been improved. (No more iFilter needed)
  2. A new functionality "Document structure" for Summary settings in a standalone application is added.
  3. More than 20 "Summary topics" are available (in Intellexer Summarizer Pro version).
  4. The current product version is built on the enhanced Intellexer Summarizer SDK having numerous modifications and improvements.
  5. Compatibility with Windows 8.
  6. Application support, stability, and performance on different operating systems have been improved.
  7. Integration with Internet Explorer 10.
  8. Integration with Google Chrome.
  9. Intellexer Summarizer Bar for Mozilla Firefox is added.
  10. Intellexer Summarizer Bar for Internet Explorer is updated: Document structure and Summary topics are added.

October 31, 2013

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