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Natural Language Interface provides natural, human-like interaction with any application. This makes the work effective, as it eliminates the necessity to study special syntax of queries (e.g., Boolean operators used in Google) and allows for detailed and precise description of the requested information.

Natural Language Interface can transform queries in natural language into Boolean queries, expanding them with possible ways of combining and paraphrasing. NLI can also expand the original queries with synonyms but due to the fact that the number of total synonyms is rather limited, and a set of synonyms applicable to a certain domain needs to be customized, this functionality isn't provided out-of-the-box, but can be added after a customization request.

Natural Language Solutions can be effectively used in:

  • Search engines

    User can input sentences in a natural language and get precise search results.

  • Computer Games

    User can interact with game characters as naturally as with intellectual human beings enhancing his game play experience.

  • Document management software

    Natural Language Tools ensure high quality information analysis by employing semantic document comparison, document summarization, document categorization and sentiment analysis.

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Intellexer Natural Language Interface