Intellexer API

Enables developers to embed Intellexer semantics products using XML or JSON



Performs automatic classification of text documents

Intellexer SDK

Incorporates tools for natural language processing and semantic analysis of unstructured text data



Enables to organize, normalize, link, and process documents

Linguistic Processor

Parses input text and extracts multiple kinds of relations


Question-Answering System

Looks for the answer to the questions asked in natural language

Sentiment Analyzer

Detects general sentiment of a text as well as pairs of sentiments with related objects


Question Comparison Tool

Paraphrases questions and evaluates their proximity

Named Entity Recognizer

Extracts names and defines relations between them


Natural Language Interface

Provides natural, human-like interaction with any application


Creates a short summary retaining the most important parts of the original document



Extracts plain text from documents of different formats

Related Facts

Supplements search results with the most important facts related to the search query


Language Recognizer

Identifies the language and character encoding of input documents


Evaluates degree of similarity between documents



Finds and corrects spelling mistakes