Enterprise Search and Document Management

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Big companies who have to deal everyday have huge document workflow can face such challenges as:

  • Relevant document retrieval
  • Search for the required knowledge
  • Low efficiency of document workflow

Semantic tools can effectively solve the above issues. They allow you to realize:

corporate search

We offer Intellexer Enterprise Solution to realize these features. It's the corporate-level software consisting of:

  • Client-server web application;
  • REST API for integration and new tools development.

Intellexer Enterprise Solution features list

Intellexer Enterprise Solution is a custom search engine for information search, knowledge management and document systematization within a corporate network.

Searching for answers

The system enables users to find in a database answers to the questions asked in natural language. It can range the results by relevance and check spelling.

Document summarization

The function makes it possible to summarize any document so that users don't have to read the whole text.

Find similar documents

The feature finds documents similar in their meaning and defines the degree of proximity between them.

Automatic document categorization

Categorizer lets users automatically distribute documents into the relevant category. The structure and settings of categories can be customized.

Concepts tree tool

The system is able to extract the most important concepts from the found documents.

Names recognition and relation extraction

The function enables the system to recognize names in documents and define relations between the found names.