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Related Facts


Standard search systems can only provide a user with brief annotations (snippets) and links to the documents found. To gain insight into the subject of the search users have to read through and analyze the results of the search, the number of which can be really large.

We offer an opportunity to upgrade the existing search system with semantic Related Facts Search (powered by the EffectiveSoft IntellexerTM platform).

Intellexer Related Facts extracts:

  • facts about the user′s query
  • most important terms (concepts) related to the user′s query
  • facts about the extracted terms (concepts)

The relevance of terms (concepts) and facts is determined by our proprietary algorithm based on heuristics, statistical and positional methods, as well as semantic information extracted by Intellexer Linguistic Processor.

The “fact” is a sentence containing the most important term. Additionally, it′s possible to structure the extracted facts according to different types of relations (e.g., “part of”, “made of”, “placement”, “used for”, etc.).

Consequently, there is no need to read a great number of the documents found as the user gets detailed information about the subject of the search.