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The question of information security is crucial for any organization, as the value of any business is in its data: financial information, information on company products, customer information (including confidential data), etc.

We offer our analytical tools for tracing suspect activity in corporate mail, social networks and other means of communication. Peculiar features of our tools are:

  • the ability to trace migration and appearance of certain documents on the intranet/internet;
  • the ability to recognize predetermined entities (people, companies, locations...) and identify analytical relations between them.

Tracing of analytical relations prevents unintended information leak.

Our semantic tools can be effectively used for identification of global threats. The system scans the information channels (including emails, messengers, etc.), analyzes the extracted information and warns the user about detected threats:

  • Mentioning of peculiar entities;
  • Occurrence of peculiar entity relations.

We offer the following services:

  • Access to REST API;
  • Monitoring the objects (news, brands, companies, people, etc.) with the regular reporting option;
  • Collection of source data for further researches;
  • Development of custom semantic solutions.

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