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Intellexer semantic tools can be effectively used for solving such issues as analysis of latest trends and moods covered by social media, automated categorization of subscribers′ comments and feedbacks, and sentiment analysis of opinions and statements about certain person, object or event discussed in various social media sources. We develop solutions and offer services for:

Comment and feedback analysis

  • Analysis of subscribers' loyalty;
  • Research of opinion trends and changes;
  • Feedback and current issues analysis.

Social media screening

  • Collection and analysis of data from social media about certain object/event/person;
  • Analysis of audience response on current events and trends in social media;
  • Study of opinions of new goods and services.

We offer the following services:

  • Access to REST API;
  • Monitoring the objects (news, brands, companies, people, etc.) with the regular reporting option;
  • Collection of source data for further researches;
  • Development of custom semantic solutions.

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