Effective Soft Releases Intellexer Summarizer as Semantic Solution to Text Management

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Effective Soft has released Intellexer Summarizer - a new desktop application intended to help PC users in managing textual information such as e-mails, Web pages, document files, etc.

Minsk, Belarus - July 27, 2007 - Summarizer generates text summary of a chosen length and type, thus allowing the user to familiarize themselves with the text prior to or instead of reading it. It helps to reduce the time and effort spent on information processing, systematization and storage.

Unlike traditional tools which mostly use statistical methods Summarizer is based on the newest semantic technology - Intellexer Natural Language Processing platform developed by Effective Soft. It is a set of methods and algorithms intended to emulate human understanding of text or speech. It ensures Summarizer analyzing textual data on the level of meaning extracting concepts and defining relations between them, thus deriving main ideas of the text and omitting the information of secondary importance.

While its inner mechanism is rather complicated Summarizer interface is simple and comprehensible. Summarizer works with texts of any file format. The text can be inputted through 'copy/paste' operation, or by specifying file address or web page URL. Moreover, Summarizer automatically integrates into traditional Microsoft applications, thus allowing the user to summarize texts with one click on the toolbar.

As compared to analogous programs Intellexer Summarizer provides a wider range of methods to manage the output summary. The size of the summary as well as its type is specified by the user. The list of summary types includes General, Patent, Scientific, Economics, and Politics. Apart from generating a summary Summarizer forms a Concept Tree which is a hierarchy of the key concepts of the text. Its length can be customized. In order to provide quick access to generated summaries the ultimate summary alongside with the concept tree are saved in the History.

"Scanning a bulky text which hardly contains any useful information for the reader devours time and effort. Modern customers want to consume information more selectively. That's when Summarizer comes into play, - says Aliaksei Bondarionok, Head of Semantic Department. - Summarizer helps the reader to get the idea of what the text is about and whether it is worth further studying."

Intellexer Summarizer is presented in three versions: Lite, Standard, and Pro. Summarizer Lite is free unlimited trial version. Standard is a full version of a stand-alone desktop application while Pro version is an advanced version for professional use for data mining engineers, patent lawyers, and market analysts. Moreover, Effective Soft presents Intellexer SDK - a complex of modules to be integrated into a document management system.

This year Effective Soft has already presented Intellexer Summarizer at major events in the field of textual data processing and management: Text Analytics Summit in Amsterdam, Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose, and 3rd Text Analytics Summit in Boston. Free demo versions of Summarizer were available for attendees of these events.

Company Information:

Since its foundation in 2003 Effective Soft has been a leading Eastern European software development company specializing in semantic solutions for knowledge and document management. It is a developer and sole proprietor of Intellexer - a family of software solutions based on natural language processing.

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