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Effectivesoft company has been involved in the research and development of information management area for many years already. Today we can present our best Intellexer solutions based on advanced semantic technologies. Our semantic products help to solve a wide range of issues working with text data, enhance the functionality of already existing enterprise applications. We offer both custom and ready-made solutions which are listed below.

Intellexer API

Enables developers to embed Intellexer in consumer or enterprise applications

Intellexer SDK

Semantic Sofware Development Kit

Document Summarizer

Solutions for document summarization and annotation.

Document Categorizer

Software for automatic document categorization

Named Entity Recognizer

Extracts names and defines relations between them

Sentiment Analyzer

The powerful and efficient solution which automatically detects sentiment

Related Facts

Search with Google and gets extra search ideas

Linguistic Processor

Used to parse the input text and to extract multiple kinds of relations

Question-Answering System

A unique search engine. It is looking for the answer to the natural language questions

Question Comparison Tool

Tool for question understanding and processing


Extracts plain text from documents of different formats

Language Recognizer

Identifies the language and character encoding of incoming documents

Natural Language Interface

Provides natural, human-like interaction with any application


Enables to organize, normalize, link, and process documents


Document content comparison tool


Provides spell check capabilities.