EffectiveSoft releases a new version: Intellexer Summarizer 3.5

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EffectiveSoft Software Company is proud to release a new version of Intellexer Summarizer. The 3.5 version of this desktop semantic software includes IE9 support and an updated Intellexer SDK.

What's new in Intellexer Summarizer 3.5?

  • Enhanced Intellexer Summarizer SDK
  • MS IE 8.0/9.0 support
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5/3.6/4.0/5.0 support

One of the most beneficial features of Intellexer Summarizer 3.5 is its compatibility with popular Internet browser IE9. Moreover, Intellexer Summarizer 3.5 supports IE 8 and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox.

We received a number of feedbacks from Intellexer Summarizer end-users and were quite happy to know how useful they find our solution to work with diverse information. Still, there were some requests to improve the Summarizer compatibility, that is with Internet Explorer 9. The semantic team realized this feature in a short period of time to let users work in the way and manner they used to.

We are glad to inform that all users of 3.1 version now can upgrade to Intellexer Summarizer 3.5 for free.

Now Intellexer Summarizer 3.5 works with the power of improved, more intellectual and up-to-date linguistic processor, which enables it to generate high-quality and natural summaries.

We continue to actively analyze feedbacks from Summarizer users and invite all interested people to contribute to the development of this product.

To get started, download a free trial from our website and send your suggestions and comments on this product to technical support via this link.

July 20, 2011

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