Intellexer Summarizer 2.6 Ready to Release

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At an early date EffectiveSoft, an offshore software development company, is going to release a new version of Intellexer Summarizer, a desktop application that analyzes a document, extracts its main ideas and puts them into a short summary.

The new version preserves the features of Intellexer Summarizer 2.5, such as concept tree, history and summary types. Some new features and enhancements have been introduced:

  • Higher processing quality due to improved summarization algorithms
  • Compatible with: Windows Vista, MS Word 2007, MS Outlook 2007 and Mozilla 3.0.x
  • New look and feel, improved usability: tabs view for summary windows and large icons
  • New file format support: Internet Shortcuts (*.url)

Intellexer Summarizer 2.6 will be soon available at
If your Intellexer Summarizer is of any earlier licensed 2.x versions, it can be easily updated
to version 2.6.

June 24, 2008

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