Summarizer Gets another Favorable Review

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Intellexer Summarizer received another beneficial review from software experts. This time Intellexer was analyzed and reviewed by the editors of the software directory They shared their observation with their readers:

"If you keep reading for hours, you can just get overloaded with information and "lose the sight of the forest in the midst of the trees". It would be nice to have just brief summaries of the humongous texts you are to go through and get the clear picture of what's in there and whether or not you need it for your work".

For that purpose the editors recommended Intellexer Summarizer to their readers. The experts mentioned the principal advantages of Summarizer in their article:

  • The option to generate theme, structure or concept-oriented summaries
  • The ability to concentrate on the concepts chosen by the user
  • Easy integration into Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer

Read the whole review here Intellexer Summarizer, Stay Focused!

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