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If to ask a copywriter what the format of a text should be to be readable and gripping, the answer will be - as precise as possible! It is a proven fact that the reader mostly reads catchy headlines, how-to lists or first two paragraphs and does not always go through the whole article.

Nowadays, Internet abounds with bulky texts and wordy pages. Only a minor percentage of the audience reads the articles from start to end for the reason of entertainment, intellectual curiosity, or whatsoever that requires entering into details. It’s perfect enough if the article is professionally written without being off-topic, however not every article is ideal. The majority just look through the text to find the answers to questions.

To meet information needs of all types of readers, EffectiveSoft offers a powerful solution Intellexer Summarizer. This is a linguistic tool that extracts the most essential ideas out of the text and makes a short but substantial summary. Obviously, the application of traditional statistic algorithms was not sufficient to create a “smart” program. The linguistic team uses the latest semantic technologies, such as Natural Language Processing platform. Summarizer “knows” how to transfer words into concepts and determine relations between them without breaking the main idea of the whole text.

Taking into account that texts can be of a different length, structure and topic, Summarizer is equipped with a number of customizable features, such as: 

  • Concept Tree. Along with a summary, the program generates a hierarchical tree of the main text concepts.
  • Summary size customization. You can set up the length of the summary by specifying either a number of sentences it will include or the percentage of extraction out of the original text.
  • Theme-oriented summary. To obtain a qualitative summary depending on the type of the source text, you can choose the text type out of three: General, Science, and Economics.
  • Structure-oriented summary. This option is applicable if you work with patents. Summarizer recognizes the structure of a patent and analyzes it, accordingly.
  • Concept-oriented summary.  If you find out that some concepts are more important than others, you can check them in the Concept Tree and then refresh the summary.
  • Microsoft Office and IE integration. You can integrate Summarizer into your favorite applications and summarize texts with one click without switching the windows.
  • History tool. All the summaries can be saved within the program and then arranged by date, type or concept.

All these features make Intellexer Summarizer an easy-to-use customizable desktop application that will definitely be useful for those of you who want to reduce the time and efforts spent on searching and analyzing information on the Internet. In addition, Summarizer might be a handy assistant in working with documents on your computer.

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