Intellexer Summarizer 2.5 Released

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EffectiveSoft software engineers presented the next version of Intellexer Summarizer, a helpful tool for document management and data search.

The changes mostly applied to inner mechanisms of the program operation. Implicit to a user, they improved the quality of summarization and the program processing speed. A few usability improvements were made:

  • Mozilla Firefox extension was added. Now users who prefer to explore the Internet with Mozilla can enjoy the advantage of immediate web page summarization within the browser.
  • Keyword navigation, i.e. "hot keys" is now available. Keyword navigation makes working with the program faster and easier. The list of hot keys can be found in the Help section.
  • The mechanism of product trialing and ordering was became more flexible and secure. Now Intellexer Summarizer can be downloaded from and used free of charge for 30 days. The trial version has the same functional as the purchased version so that the potential customer could enjoy all the benefits of Summarizer from the first day of use. When the trial period is over the user can either purchase or uninstall the program.

About Intellexer Summarizer:

Intellexer Summarizer is a desktop application which generates a summary of any electronic text, such as a document or a Web page, thus allowing a user to get the main ideas of the text prior to or instead of reading it. It helps to reduce the time and effort spent on information processing, systematization and storage. Its complex algorithms recognize text structure and summarize the content on the level of meaning: the principal ideas are excluded and put into coherent informative summary. The program has some special features such as concept tree, history, summary types etc.

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