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EffectiveSoft has released Intellexer Summarizer 2.0. The latest version is equipped with new features aimed to improve quality of summarization and customizability.

Intellexer Summarizer is a desktop application which generates a summary of any electronic text, such as a document or a Web page, thus allowing a user to get the main ideas of the text prior to or instead of reading it. The previous version of the program was supplied with some special features such as concept tree, history, summary types etc. Those features were expanded in Summarizer 2.0:

- Besides theme- and structure-oriented summaries the program can produce concept-oriented summaries. The user can check the concepts in the concept tree which they find most important or useful. The summary will be rearranged accordingly. Semantic weight of the checked concepts gets increased, and as a result sentences that comprise these concepts are ranked higher and have greater probability to be included into a summary.

- The search tool is now available. Each concept of the summary serves as a summary keyword. The user can use the search tool to quickly find a necessary summary among those that have been saved to History.

- Besides integrating into standard Microsoft Office applications Intellexer Summarizer 2.0 can be integrated into Internet Explorer. The Intellexer Summarizer Bar appears as of the IE toolbars.  It allows the user to summarize a currently loaded web page on the fly without switching to another application.

- The color theme of the Summarizer can be changed by the user according to their preferences. The installed skins are Octopus Garden, Safari, Mint & Citrus, and Fuchsia. Besides, the user can design their own theme and use it.

All those new features are true for Summarizer Standard and Pro. Summarizer Lite remains a lighter version and only upgraded with color theme and concept filter options.  All three versions are available on the Intellexer Summarizer website.

Company Information:

Since its foundation in 2003 Effective Soft has been among leading European software development companies specializing in semantic solutions for knowledge and document management. EffectiveSoft is a developer and sole proprietor of Intellexer that is a family of software solutions based on natural language processing platform.

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